Rashida Tlaib Appears to Claim that Voter Integrity Supporters in Detroit Wanted to Take Away Immigrant’s Democrat Votes

At a “vaccination mobilization” event today in Detroit where the Vice President spoke, Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) used the opportunity to accuse protesters who were watching the 2020 counting of Votes in Detroit of trying to take away immigrants’ Democrat votes.

Tlaib, who is very fired up in the video proclaims, “I’m done waiting for the bold change that we need, I know, I think and I believe that our madame vice president feels the same way. It’s our alone lived experiences being a child of immigrants, being women of color in positions where we can bring those voices in a room that never ever experienced it before. ”

Talib then raises both hands with open palms and decries, “Y’all we’re in the building where folks were banging on doors and windows to stop our votes, from being counted. We stood up and said, not now not ever will you take away our right to vote.”

Talib is referencing the 2020 count that took place in the same building where Windows were being partially covered up as votes were being counted. Many had gathered at the building to watch the count of votes. A vast number of individuals started to protest as the limit of capacity had been reached and individuals were no longer being let in. The windows were also being covered which added to the frustration of the individuals who were outside. They chanted “Stop the Count” in protest of not being able to watch the count.

The unusual way in which this past year’s election was handled made many uncomfortable with the process. After results were revealed, many red and swing states have moved to change the laws to help with election integrity issues as well as restore many voters’ trust in the elections. This move has been pushed back upon by Democrats and the proposal of HB1 the For the People Act. This bill moved to take away state control of the election process, automating the voter registration process for elections, change campaign finance laws and expand voting rights.

With the 2020 election behind us, Republicans and Democrats have made moves to change our elections going forward. Both sides are still pushing hard to see more changes they believe are needed to our system, changes that seem to be on different ends of the spectrum.