Republicans in Swing States Have 23 Point Advantage in Generic Poll While Biden Approval Hits New Low

According to a new ABC/Washington Post generic poll, Republicans have a 23 point lead in eight of the key swing states.

The poll asked voters from Arizona, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin from November 7th the 10th. While Trump only won 2/8 of those states (Florida and North Carolina), Republicans seem to have gained massive support.

Nation-wide, Republicans even have a seven-point lead in the generic ballot which is astonishing considering a Republican hasn’t won the popular vote in a presidential election since former President Bush did in 2004. There have only been four elections where the winner had lost the popular vote yet win the electoral college which former President Donald Trump did in his 2016 win against Hilary Clinton.

“NEW: @ABC/@washingtonpost 8-State Battleground Generic Ballot (AZ, FL, GA, NC, NH, NV, PA, WI) Republicans 58% (+23) Democrats 35% —— Rest of Country Generic Ballot Republicans 49% (+7) Democrats 42% 882 RV | 11/7-11/10 Sample: D27/I37/R26″

In another poll conducted by ABC/Washington Post, it showed how Biden’s approval rating has shrunk to just 38% approve and 57% disapprove of the job Joe Biden is doing. This comes as gas prices and inflation are rising across the country at historic rates.

“President Biden Job Approval Approve 38% Disapprove 57% 882 RV | 11/7-11/10 Sample: D27/I37/R26 (W)”

With crises arising on all fronts, Joe Biden and the Democrat Party seem to be losing support, as Republicans are performing extraordinarily better in traditional left-leaning pollsters and in Gubernatorial elections. If this keeps up, Donald Trump and Republicans will have massive victories come 2022 and 2024 all across the country.

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