Rock Star Legislator Wendy Rogers Gets Bill Passed in State Senate to Build the Arizona Wall

America First Republican and Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers announced Wednesday evening the state senate passed a bill to build a border wall in Arizona.

Senate Bill 1032, introduced by Rogers, passed by a vote for 16-12 which would build a wall on the Arizona border as thousands of migrants flood into the country. Rogers took to Twitter to announce the big news for conservatives in the state.

“My bill to build the wall on state lands in Arizona passed the Arizona Senate. Amazing courage to all of the AYES. Thank you all.”

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar (R) took to Twitter to congratulate the up-and-coming star on the bill’s passage. Gosar tweeted, “Yes! Great job @WendyRogersAZ@SonnyBorrelli@NancyBarto and the rest of you! The number one job of government is to keep the people safe.”

This bill will transfer $700 million from “the general fund to the state’s Border Security Fund for construction and maintenance of a physical border fence on the state’s border with Mexico,” according to Arizona state politics reporter Ray stern. State Senator Tyler Pace (R) was reportedly reluctant to vote yes due to the cost but Rogers thanked him for “holding the line”.

As we previously reported, “GOP Arizona State Sen Wendy Rogers declared this morning that she has had enough of the border crisis and issued a call for action.

‘I want to see some tanks on our border. A wall and some tanks. We are at that point,’ Rogers insisted.

Arizona GOP Gov. Doug Ducey held a press conference Tuesday to call out the Biden administration’s failure to control the flow of illegal immigrants.

While the Biden administration has halted federal construction of former President Donald Trump’s southern border wall, states have been on their own in terms of securing their border with Mexico. Wendy Rogers is leading the charge with border security in Arizona. We will have to see if the House passes the bill and if Governor Ducey (R) signs it into law upon passage.

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