Rogers: Sheriff Joe’s Not Done Yet, May Run for Mayor of Fountain Hills Arizona to Uphold the Law

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who once received a presidential pardon from former President Donald Trump, and tragically lost the love of his life and wife Ava recently, may be getting back in the game yet again.

Sheriff Joe is 89 years old. Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers tweeted out the story:

“SCOOP: @RealSheriffJoe may run for Mayor of #FountainHills AZ where he’s lived for 21 years. He knows mayors have more impact now than ever. @SheriffJoeArpaio would UPHOLD THE LAW instead of disobeying the will of the people as too many rogue mayors do.”

Sheriff Joe has led a long and controversial career. Arpaio was demonized on the left for his actions as Maricopa County Sheriff. Arpaio took a strong stance against illegal immigration.

At the time, leftists thought he was too harsh with his policies. But now, as we see more illegal immigration than ever, many may question if the old Sheriff is missed. Nevertheless, many have said Sheriff Joe should be glad to have been pardoned by Donald Trump for alleged politically motivated charges against him in the past and enjoy his golden years.

Apparently, Joe loves his country too much to just ignore things though. If the rumors are true, it will be interesting to see how this mayoral race goes. We’re sure Joe would be a great addition to this town.

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