Romney Censure Resolution Fails By Slim Margin at Utah GOP Convention

Earlier today, we reported that it was unclear if a resolution to censure U.S. Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) at the Utah GOP Convention had passed or not after the man who proposed it said he believed it would.

It appears now however, that the measure did not pass by a slim margin. KUTV Reporter Michael Locklear announced in a tweet that it failed by a vote of 711 for and 798 against.

Romney was booed as he delivered a speech at the convention that he was even forced to halt at one point due to the outcry against him after he criticized former President Donald Trump.

KUTV released a transcription of the prepared remarks where he said that he liked President Joe Biden and believes that he is a “good man” who “often has good intentions.”

From KUTV:

What do you all think of President Biden’s first 100 days? I’m hoping you got that out of your system.

You know me as a person who says what he thinks. I didn’t hide that I wasn’t a fan of our last president’s character issues. And I am also no fan of the current President’s policy issues.

In his inauguration speech, he promised bipartisanship. I guess by bipartisanship he means the Democrats on one side….and the Socialists on the other. This week, he correctly said that China is an existential threat to our democracy. His answer to that is apparently two years of free pre-kindergarten. And, of course, $6 trillion in spending. A lot of which we will borrow…from the Chinese.

Now look, I like Joe Biden. He’s a good man. And he often has good intentions. But he has the same flaw that Ronald Reagan put his finger on: he said “it isn’t that Democrats are ignorant. It’s that what they know is wrong.” My beef with Pelosi and Schumer and the President is that, way too often, what they know is wrong.

Do you agree with me that they are wrong to hike taxes. No it probably won’t cause immediate calamity, but it will gradually and inevitably erode entrepreneurship, innovation and job creation. Do you agree with me that they are wrong to balloon the national debt with wasteful spending and massive borrowing. The interest on our national debt costs us over $500 billion every year. And the level of debt we are accumulating imperils our children’s future.

Do you agree with me that they are wrong to pay people more for not working than they made when they were working. Everywhere I go across our state, businesses small and large say that they just can’t hire the people they need. Do you agree with me that they are wrong to dictate how the people of Utah can hunt and fish and graze their own cattle and sheep on our own Utah lands. Do you agree with me that they are wrong to pack the Supreme Court. I think the only nominee I’d vote for, to pack the Court, would be Mike Lee.

You might call me an “old fashioned Republican.” I believe that we should balance our budget. I believe that Putin and Kim Jung Un are reprehensible thugs. I believe that America must remain the home to the strongest military in the world. I believe that character counts, both in our homes and in our leaders. I believe in protecting life, both born and unborn. And I believe in the Constitution of the United States of America.

When I’m back in the halls of Congress, I’m proud to represent Utah where Republican leaders balance the budget, cut taxes, attract new business and good jobs. They’ve been mindful during the pandemic to protect our economy as a well as our health. I’m proud of our patriotism, of our large families, of our charitable giving, of our pioneer heritage, of our readiness to help people in need, and of our magnificent national parks and breathtaking mountains and valleys.

All of the great things about our state mean that a lot of people move here from other states. Some of them are Democrats. Your job, as Republican activists, is to educate them: They need to learn that much of what they like about Utah is the product of conservative, Republican thinking.

You see, what we Republicans know is right. God bless Utah and God bless America.