Portland Police Arrest Man Being Chased by Rioters, But Ignore Antifa Threating to Slit His Throat

With demonstrations beginning tonight organized by a far-left militia group, Antifa in Portland, Oregon, chaos, and fighting are already starting with arrests being made.

However, the Portland Police arrested a non-Antifa member who was being chased backward by Antifa while getting heckled at. The man was retreating with a baseball bat which at least three other Antifa members (one had a knife) chased him down to the Portland Police.

From there, the Police arrested the man with the bat in his hand being chased but did absolutely nothing to the Antifa members chasing the man and making violent threats. Although the man had the bat in his hand, he was most likely trying to defend himself from aggressive Antifa attackers.

“Breaking: Far-left protesters follow a man who is brandishing a bat in downtown Portland. One says he will slit the man’s throat & mutilate him. Antifa protester Amanda Siebe (in wheelchair) urges people to back off. Police arrest the man, who complies.”

“Update: The man in this video has been charged by police. The person following him, pointing the knife & threatening to slash his throat was not arrested.”

“Another angle of the incident in downtown Portland earlier today where far-left protesters who felt threatened by a bat-wielding man kept following and threatening to kill him.”

You can see the police sitting in their cruiser could clearly see what was going on however they only arrested the man who was being forced to retreat backward from the Antifa aggressors.

Meanwhile, demonstrations are happening all across the country and even in France as far-left activists celebrate “May Day”.

“Paris: French police are forced to retreat as a mob of far-left rioters attack them with projectiles at the May Day protest.”

“May Day demonstrations in Portland, Oregon. An “Abolish ICE” rally outside an ICE facility.”

Meanwhile, in Louisville, Kentucky:

We can only hope and pray the police make the right arrests and arrest the actual criminals and not innocent counter-protestors. If not, they may begin to lose support from the right for arresting them and not Antifa thugs.

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