Rumble Video Platform Offers Joe Rogan $100 Million to Bring His Followers There with ‘No Censorship’

The Joe Rogan saga continues. Joe Rogan is a famous podcaster, UFC commentator, and comedian. He is generally thought to be a politically moderate person who occasionally ruffles some feathers. However, Neil Young recently tried to cancel him on Spotify by pulling his music after Spotify wouldn’t pull Rogan.

A few other washed-up singers pulled their music too, not making too huge of a splash really. Since those who want Rogan canceled were furious that Young’s Spartacus moment failed, they dug up some out-of-context clips of Rogan using the “N-word” for which he has already apologized.

While Spotify has not canceled Rogan yet, the pressure continues to increase on Spotify, Rogan, and any mainstream person who supports Rogan, with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson reversing his earlier support for Rogan already. It’s hard to say if Rogan will defeat the cancel culture this time.

Meanwhile, video platform Rumble is offering Rogan $100 million for four years to hop over to their website. It’s hard to say if he will humor the offer, but in this world of craziness, we think anything is possible.

Censorship is forcing many to create an alternative universe that allows at least some uncensored content to thrive. Ultimately though, Apple and Google will censor sites that don’t do much censorship themselves, leaving sites like Gab few and far between. has been able to retain some success despite being banned from Apple and Google, a success which is not easy to replicate. Time will tell what the future of free speech and social media will look like. Meanwhile, here’s the tweet from Rumble to Rogan:

“Hey @joerogan, we are ready to fight alongside you. See the note from our CEO @chrispavlovski…”

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