Russia is Reportedly Helping Bernie Get Dem Nomination and Liberal Meltdown Ensues

The current front runner for the Democrat nomination according to Real Clear Politics, Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) was briefed by US officials that Russia is engaged in efforts to boost his campaign. Sanders responded to the press about the situation and stated: “I do not consider Vladimir Putin a good friend.” This information was divulged to Sanders “about a month ago.”

A tweet put out by Senator Sanders after it became public that his campaign is receiving, what they are calling unwanted, help from the Russians hit at both the Republican and Democrat establishment. “I’ve got news for the Republican establishment. I’ve got news for the Democratic establishment. They can’t stop us.”

Friday Sanders talked to reporters and addressed the briefing he had received on Russian interference. The Hill reported:

“It was not clear what role they were going to play. We were told that Russia, maybe other countries, are gonna get involved in this campaign,” Sanders said

“The ugly thing that they are doing, and I’ve seen some of their tweets and stuff, is they try to divide us up. That’s what they did in 2016,” he added.

Sanders described Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “thug” in a statement on Friday, emphasizing that he stands “firmly against” Russian interference efforts.

“Unlike Donald Trump, I do not consider Vladimir Putin a good friend. He is an autocratic thug who is attempting to destroy democracy and crush dissent in Russia,” Sanders said. “Let’s be clear, the Russians want to undermine American democracy by dividing us up and, unlike the current president, I stand firmly against their efforts, and any other foreign power that wants to interfere in our election.”

#bernieknew is currently trending on Twitter with many commenting about Sanders keeping it private that Russia was meddling until it was reported by the media. Palmer Report, a liberal American political blog, poked at Bernie in a tweet; “Donald Trump’s day so far:- Tried to hide that Russia is cheating on his behalf, Attacked the media for accurately reporting on him, Asinine tweet attacking both parties, Won’t release his medical records, Just kidding, Bernie Sanders did all these things today.#BernieKnew

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