Sarah Sanders Re-Affirms Speculation That She Likely Will Run for Governor in Arkansas

In a recent interview, Sarah Sanders otherwise known as Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Reaffirmed her plan to run for Governor of Arkansas in the 2022 election. This would be following in the footsteps of her father, and former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee.

Sanders, the former press secretary of President Donald Trump’s is well known for not taking any guff from White House reporters. Recently she got into a Twitter ordeal relating to Joe Bide regarding questioning his portrayal of a speech impediment on the debate stage this week. Like many people, Sanders was unaware of  Biden’s childhood stutter and apologized for the comment.  

Sanders is well-liked in conservative circles and very much disparaged by many on the left. At the White House correspondents dinner in 2018, Michelle Wolf decided to ‘Roast’ the Press Secretary who was in attendance. The ‘jokes’ were malicious and Sanders sat there through it all. This was surprising to some. Maggie Haberman, White House Correspondent for the  New York Times and CNN analyst tweeted out how impressive Sanders staying was back in 2018.

See tweet below:

Currently, Sanders is concentrated on supporting her former boss and helping to get him another term. See excerpt from CNN Below:
Former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders on Sunday told students at a summit that she is looking into a run for Arkansas governor in 2020.

Sanders explained at the summit held in West Palm Beach, Florida, that she first wanted to focus on getting her previous employer, President Donald Trump, reelected. The President spoke to conservative students at the summit on Saturday.

When asked if she would run for governor in 2020, Sanders said, “I’m very seriously looking at it right now.” She also said, “I love Arkansas, I love my home state, I am so happy to be back home and we’ll see what happens,” Sanders, who exited the White House in June, said. “But certainly looking at that.”

Sanders then made a joke about recruiting the youth at Turning Point USA Student Action Summit as volunteers. In a previous interview with the New York Times, Sanders said she felt she’d “been called” to run for governor.

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