Scalise Calls Situation at the Southern Border ‘A Major, Major National Scandal’ While Trump Releases Another Statement

Former President Trump released a statement on Friday critical of the situation at the southern border that was met with pushback from the Biden Administration.

Today, U.S. House Rep and Minority Whip Steve Scalise called it a “a major, major national scandal.”

“It is a national crisis and it needs to be confronted by President Biden and he refuses to acknowledge this,” Scalise added.

Trump released another statement as well today, lauding his performance at handling the border when he was in office, saying that it was in “great shape” during his tenure.

In the statement, Trump also said, “Our country is being destroyed at the southern border, a terrible thing to see!”

As for President Biden, a video today where he visited a Washington, D.C. hardware store showed him looking around while reporters attempted to ask him questions about the border.

His staff can be heard trying to get the reporters out of the room so that the questions can go unanswered.

In a viral tweet yesterday, Scalise said, “The border is open. Schools are closed. RT if you think it should be the other way around.”