Seattle Beach Party Devolves into Similar Behavior to Earlier Antifa Protests

Yesterday, Media Right News reported on known Antifa militant Kristen Mowery agitating Seattle Police as she defied several of their orders. Chaos in Seattle continued into the night, the scenes coming from Seattle escalated as a large gathering at Alki Beach turns to lawlessness.   

An individual’s TikTok video calling for what was referred to as a “kickback” at Alki Beach went viral, leading to massive crowds in the area. In response to the overwhelming crowd size, the Seattle Police Department was forced to clear the beach and ask the party goers to disperse. 

As the SPD attempted to clear the area, members of the crowd began to commit crimes and acts of aggression toward the police. Several people are seen jumping on vehicles, taunting officers, and threatening reporters in the area. 

The scene intensified further as the police can be heard in several videos referring to “multiple acts of violence” and “explosive devices” being thrown at crowds. 

The police have also reported that there have been instances of “robbery, assault, and possession of a weapon.”

This situation comes as many fear that groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa will take advantage of the warmer weather by continuing to agitate and get large crowds in the streets to commit acts of violence, as we saw last summer.