Dan Scavino Posts Flashback Video on Memorial Day Weekend of Donald Trump Picking Up Hat for Marine

Trump loyalist and former aide Dan Scavino posted a short video on Twitter showing a flashback to when former President Donald Trump picked up the hat that blew off a marine and put it back on his head.

As you can see in the video the marine’s hat falls off his head as Trump is getting on Marine One and former President Donald Trump picks up his hat and then puts it back on his head. Although it falls off again he helps get the hat again and it is placed on his head once again.

This video comes as Kamala Harris has been attacked for her tweet in which she told her followers to, “Enjoy the long weekend.” which many felt was an insult to our fallen heroes and Memorial Day.

Scavino also published a series of other videos and pictures of former President Donald Trump showing his love for veterans and those who have and currently do serve in our military.

Some could draw from this that former President Donald Trump has much more care and appreciation for our fallen soldiers who have laid down their life for this country. Meanwhile, Kamala Harris seems to show a lack of care for our lost men and women who have served this country.

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