Shannon Bream: SCOTUS Leaves Biden Student Loan Forgiveness Program on Hold, Arguments Set for February

Fox News’ Shannon Bream shared the news on Twitter that the Supreme Court has decided to hear oral arguments in February regarding Biden’s student loan forgiveness program. The program will remain on hold through this time.

Bream tweeted:

“BREAKING: #SCOTUS leaves Biden admin student loan forgiveness program ON HOLD – sets arguments at high court for Feb 2023. This likely puts the decision in that late-June 2023 timeline for a decision on the merits at #SCOTUS.”

She added, “Remember, the Biden administration has already announced a “payment pause” on student loans until at least June-ish.”

On November 18th, the Biden administration requested that an injunction that had been decided by a lower court be vacated. This was submitted to Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh.

Nebraska, which had originally sued to stop the program then responded to the petition on November 23rd, 17 other states also filed an amici curiae on the same day in support of Nebraska.

On December 1, it was decided to hear oral arguments adding this to the Supreme Court’s schedule for February of 2023.

SCOTUSblog shared the decision in their tweet below:

“NEW: The Supreme Court will review the legality of Biden’s student-debt relief plan. The justices will hear oral argument in February. In the meantime, the plan remains blocked as a result of lower-court rulings.”

Biden had promised student loan forgiveness while campaigning for president in 2020. Many have speculated that the vote in 2022 was skewed by his executive order, which was put on hold.

Biden’s plan offered to help forgive student loan debt, without fixing the problem of the high cost of college tuition.

This sparked outrage among many as college is an optional path someone has and how they finance it is a personal decision. Many people have paid off their student loans others took a different path without college.

The country will be waiting to see what the Supreme Court decides on Biden’s student loan forgiveness, it seems we should have an answer sometime in June of 2023.

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