Shaun King Endorses Violence Amid New Riots in Wisconsin, ‘Mayhem is the Consequence. You Earned It’

Alleged racial division pusher Shaun King fired off a tweet that appears to be against the community standards of most major social media companies. Of course, depending on the bias of the person in charge of those rules, I suppose one could read it as more of a supporting message than an incitement.

To us, it appears that with his millions of followers, King is getting people riled up to riot loot and push back against police. Yesterday there was a police-involved shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Many are speculating that the police were 100% justified though, and the official facts are yet to come out. Regardless of this, the Black Lives Matter and Antifa type groups were out in full force last night.

They even torched an entire car dealership and church. The irony is that the church appeared to be in support of the groups doing the rioting. It’s certainly hard to grasp any sense of rational thinking in this situation. King tweeted late last night in the midst of the chaos:

“Nah. I’m not going to call for peace. We’ve tried peace. For years. Y’all don’t understand that language. We are calling for a complete dismantling of American policing. It’s NOT broken. It was built to work this way. And mayhem is the consequence. You earned it.” See tweet:

Andy Ngo reported on some of the tragic Kenosha damage as you can see in the video below:

“BLM arson attacks overnight in Kenosha, Wisc. spread to the Bradford Community Church, a far-left universalist religious organization. The church’s sign in support of #BlackLivesMatter was consumed in flames.”

We’ve reported on a few other recent antics by Mr. King, including one recent time where he referred to the St. Louis gun couple as people similar to those who watched lynchings. It’s ironic looking back since the McCloskeys are now going to be RNC speakers coming up soon. We reported about King in part:

One couple wasn’t having it and took to their property to defend their home from potential looters and violent action. The media has largely demonized them of course, as pointing guns at “peaceful protestors”, but Mark and Patricia McCloskey say they feared for their lives and claim the protesters were illegally protesting on a private road. Shaun King though it would be a good idea to liken them to people who enjoyed watching lynchings during the days of slavery for some reason, posting photos of them to Facebook and saying:

I’ve seen those eyes before. That evil has been around for generations. Centuries. Those eyes were on plantations. Those eyes lied on Emmett Till. Those eyes watched lynchings. Those eyes. Patricia McCloskey and are her husband Mark McCloskey, attorneys in St. Louis, lost their damn minds.

It appears as though President Trump sadly hasn’t even commented yet on the Kenosha riots, which are planned to go on more tonight according to one flyer going around created by apparent anarchists. American Greatness writer Pedro L. Gonzalez who has appeared on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson recently feels President Trump’s administration could and should be doing more for the ‘law and order’ promised, and less of the criminal justice reform being pushed in part by Jared Kusher. Gonzalez had this to say:

“The Trump administration is doubling down on criminal justice reform, regardless of what they claim for their official 2020 agenda. Trump might talk tough for a presser, but his administration is working hard to make sure criminals get off easy. More to come in articles” See tweet:

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