Silverman on BlackFace Firing: ‘I Didn’t Go to a Party in the 80’s’

Comedian Sarah Silverman, fired from a new movie over a 2007 blackface sketch on her old show “The Sarah Silverman Program” has spoken out. You might be surprised at what she has had to say too. While she has expressed her regret for the blackface appearance which, in this modern-day politically correct world we live in, is pretty much unacceptable in any context, she gives some reasoning.

On a Podcast she appeared on called The Bill Simmons Podcast, she appears to compare what she did to Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s blackface scandal, without actually naming him. Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring was another Democrat who admitted to going to a party in the ’80s and dressing up in blackface. Her comparison (assuming she was referring to them, which is speculation only) was to imply that while she believes she was wrong, the context was perhaps not as bad as it would be if it was done in the context of an ’80’s Halloween party’, pretty much throwing her fellow Democrats under the bus.

Even if she’s not actually referencing Northam and Herring here, it’s worth pointing out the comparison anyway, as Northam and Herring have managed to hold their jobs as Governor of Virginia and Attorney General of Virginia respectively, after a wave of cries for them to resign from both parties. Northam, although recanting statements that he donned blackface or KKK garb (he didn’t know which) in his college yearbook, did admit to being at a ‘party in the ’80s‘ where he did do a blackface getup.

Silverman stated:

“You know, I didn’t go to a f—ing Halloween party in the ’80s in blackface,” she said. “I was doing an episode about race. But now I understand, it’s never okay.”

In the sketch in question the purpose of the show, or context, was to be able to see if it is harder to be black or Jewish.


In an episode of her former Comedy Central show “The Sarah Silverman Program” that she has said she no longer stands by, Silverman’s character dons dark face paint to see whether it is more difficult to be black or Jewish.

The episode, which was intended to examine racism from the point of view of Silverman’s eponymous character, features the comedian saying: “I look like the beautiful Queen Latifah,” and telling the congregation at an African-American church: “I’m black today.”

One may wonder if the left would reconsider their push for extreme political correctness as their own rules often come back to bite them in the butt so to speak, just as often as it hurts those who they intend it to, generally the Republican party. That would require a fair and honest dialogue with both sides though and it is hard to know if we can expect that out of Hollywood elites and radical left politicians these days.

African American Conservative Twitter commentator CJ Pearson took to his pedestal to make a point about fairness and what he believes to be leftist hypocrisy.

He tweeted:

I respect those on the Right who are defending Sarah Silverman on principle but please realize she nor anyone on the Left would defend you. Under any circumstance.

SEE TWEET FROM @thecjpearson BELOW:

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