SNL Sinks Alec Baldwin as New Actor Takes Over to Play Former President Donald Trump on ‘Justice with Judge Jeanine’ to ‘Take Credit’ for Glenn Youngkin Win

James Austin Johnson played former President Donald Trump last night on SNL instead of Alec Baldwin, who recently and “accidentally” shot someone to death on a film set. Baldwins takes very little responsibility for his actions and wants people to know that it was probably someone else’s fault, mostly.

Nevertheless, we don’t know for sure why a new face played Donald Trump, if Johnson has played Trump before, or if Baldwin will ever play Trump again.

But this can’t be good for Baldwin, who appears to be getting replaced as Donald Trump on SNL. They also had actors play Fox News’ Judge Jeanine and new Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin, who jokingly distanced himself from Trump in the skit as he has in real life.

Many argue that he’s low-key a big Trump fan still and Trump argues that his base coming out is what propelled Youngkin to his recent victory in real life. Watch the skit below:

The man playing Youngkin, Alex Moffat, starts the tweeted-out clip by saying: “see, I am so grateful to parents like Helen who helped me win in Virginia without the help of Donald Trump.”

The fake Judge Jeanine then introduces the fake Donald Trump: “well, funny you should mention him because he’s been watching and he just asked to join us, former and basically current President of the United States, Donald Trump”.

Then “Trump” goes on to say: “Thank you, thank you so much, thank you, I just wanted to congratulate Glenn Youngkin and mostly myself, on a tremendous victory in Virginia, and you know what, we did it together”.

Fake Youngkin: “Oh you don’t have to say that..” the clip continues:

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