Team Trump Launches New Social Media Platform Led By Jason Miller: GETTR

A new social media platform that bears similarities to Twitter was launched today by Team Trump, led by former spokesman Jason Miller called GETTR.

For those visiting the platform, which is available on the web, Apple store, and Google play, they are greeted by a post from “Support & Help.”

The post states, “Welcome to GETTR and start a new journey!”

Trolls have overtaken the post as well as the platform so far, as there are multiple accounts that purport to be former President Trump.

On one account however, there is one post that asks, “Who shot Ashli Babbitt?”

A statement put out by Trump’s Save America PAC recently also asks the same question, so it is possible that is his real account.

Users on Twitter have weighed in on the new site including one, “SCOTT,” who screenshotted a post from Sean Parnell for Senate and noted the similarities to Twitter.

“I am 100% all about competition … especially when it comes to the platform I am currently posting this … BUT replicating is not innovating,” he said.

While it is clear that companies should have the ability to control innovation that they create, when it comes to social media, there are only so many ways to setup the look of a platform.

Washington Post op-ed and columnist Alexandra Petri claimed that “on the bright side if it doesn’t succeed the headline GETTR: DONE is just waiting right there.”

For those looking for an alternative, they can only hope that the platform will be able to work out the kinks and become viable.