Ted Nugent Joins Kid Rock in Bud Light Criticism as Howard Stern and Others ‘Say Their Lines’ at Behest of Woke Corporate Masters

On NewsMax’s ‘The Balance’ with Eric Bolling, musician, outdoorsman, and activist Ted Nugent shared his thoughts on Bud Lights’ trans-activism.

Nugent’s message was juxtaposed to liberal radio host Howard Stern who is “not bothered by gay people or transsexual people,” claiming that they have no effect on his life as he attacked Kid Rock’s actions.

Bolling welcomed Nugent to the show and asked him about a comment that was made “Kid Rock for Chief of Staff” adding, “What about Ted Nugent for Secretary of Defense?” asking Nugent to weigh in on the controversy over the past couple of weeks. Bolling asked, “What’s going on with these leftists?”

Nugent replied, “I’m already the secretary of defense responsibility. I defend against stupid and evil… I think I might have trained Kid Rock properly because nothing says I love you like a fully automatic P5 9mm blasting 600 rounds per minute,” referencing the viral video of Kid Rock shooting cases of Bud Light.

Nugent revealed he has never spent any money on alcohol, but won’t be allowing his family to purchase Anheuser Busch or Jack Daniel’s products. “How could they be so disrespectful and give the middle finger to their core demographic.” He went on to accuse Bud Light of “passing in the face of those who pay their salaries.”

“I get a kick out of it because good people are still standing our ground,” Nugent continued. He shared he has brunch with many different people and they agree with the message sent by Kid Rock.

“Don’t try to use logic to figure this out,” Nugent told Bolling. “There’s no logic to be found… these people have not only lost their minds they’ve lost their souls.”

“We the people who stand for good over evil, can’t just voice it we’ve really got to enact it. Talking about walk the walk not just talk the talk. This is an indicator, you don’t support Disney, you don’t even support Tractor Supply.”

Nugent gave his final thought, “Truth logic and common sense should always be the wind beneath our wings… its good over evil it’s that simple.”

You can see his full interview with Bolling below:

Nugent is proud of those who are standing up against the woke corporations and the mindless leftists. He called on the rest of America to not only take a stand but to make their voices heard.


  1. Bud Light is bleeding out customers over their stupidity and “wokeness”. That is what you get when you hire an mentally ill stupid person in upper management.

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