Teddy Daniels Calls PA Gov. a “Jackass”, Posts Heartbreaking Story of Failed Business Due to Closures

Recently we reported on Teddy Daniels, a pro-Trump candidate running in the Republican primary for the 8th Congressional District of Pennsylvania. Teddy has posted a video of himself firing off some rounds with his rifle at a shooting range while expressing his anger about perpetual COVID-19 closures.

His aim was to be a conduit for those who would hopefully be his constituents one day, to say what many of them are likely feeling and thinking. People are angry, people want to get back to work, people want their lives back, or at least to have a chance to try and salvage what’s left before it’s too late.

His video rant went viral, and as of today, it has almost 300,000 views, far more than when we initially covered the story. Well, Teddy must have realized these videos are a great way to communicate with his potential voter base. So he cranked out another. This time he called the Democrat Governor a “jackass”, continuing his no holds barred style of speaking directly to the people.

In his newest video, Teddy stands behind an “Indian” motorcycle, and in front of a “Teddy Daniels for Congress” sign that highlights the fact that he is a combat veteran, an American flag, and a “Make America Great Again” Trump for President flag.

Just in case you didn’t know where he stood on the political spectrum, the video should let you know. After he introduces himself, he goes off on the Democrat Governor of Pennsylvania.

“Now listen, I think we’re all on the same page when we agree that Tom Wolf is a jackass, for the way that he’s handling the virus and the shut-down, and killing off small businesses one at a time. Now, he’s your epitome of a swamp politician. I’m not a swamp politician, I was a working man my entire life, and that’s the whole reason I want to run for Congress”… Check out the entire clip below where Daniels says he plans to send “SHOCKWAVES, through the halls of congress”.


One post prior to the video on Teddy Daniels Facebook page shows a share of a woman who appears to have lost her gym forever due to COVID-19 shutdowns.

The business, while it appears to be based in Canada, makes a more broad point that this can and already is happening in the United States, and Pennsylvania as well, and will continue to happen around the nation and around the world if globalist leaders don’t stop with the power grabs. The heartbreaking post he shared was likely a warning for things to come if our politicians don’t get it together fast. It had a descriptive photo of a woman crying and was captioned:

Today I say goodbye to Ironside Fitness after 10 years of building it up.

We could not make it work financially through Covid.

I am still in a bit of shock to be honest, even a few short weeks ago you could have never told me this was possible.

Feeling all the feelings.

Know that I will continue to serve in any way I can.

One thing I know for sure…I was put on this earth to help people thrive physically and beyond.

Lots of details to sort out. I will be reaching out to all the members. I love you all ?

Today gets to be a grieving day


BizPacReview covered a story on Governor Wolf’s power-hungry moves in PA as well, reporting in part:

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf declared that counties within his state would risk losing federal stimulus funding if they refused to obey his stay-at-home orders.

The Democrat governor threatened that businesses would be given citations if they reopened and county officials would not be given access to federal aid if they allowed the re-openings prematurely. His remarks came after some county leaders informed him in letters last week that they planned to move to the “yellow phase” of his reopening plan regardless of his directives.

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