CA Republican Mike Garcia Flips Seat Formerly Held by Embattled Dem Congresswoman Katie Hill

Yesterday in a special election held in California’s 25th district, Republican Mike Garcia beat out Democrat Christy Smith. The special election was for former disaffected Rep. Katie Hill’s (D) Seat. Garcia claimed victory this morning in a tweet with a memo titled “I’m ready to go to work”

Hill vacated the seat last year after it was revealed she was in a “thrupple” and also “allegedly” sleeping with another member of her staff. Lewd pictures of the former congresswoman were also released by the media. Hill had won the seat from the incumbent Steve Knight (R). Before Hill hill took the seat in 2019, the CA 25th district seat had been red for the previous 26 years. Democrats were only able to hold on to the seat for less than a year.

Donald Trump threw his hat into the race on twitter with a few tweets about Mike Garcia over the past week. In one tweet below he calls out the Democrats for trying to steal the race.

The NRCC revealed in a tweet on the 8th of May, that additional in-person voting would be added however according to the tweet it was only in Democrat laden areas per the request of the LA County Democratic Party, alarming nonetheless.

But even this tactic didn’t work, Trump congratulated Garcia as well as Tom Tiffiany on Twitter this morning for there victories against Democrats. Garcia’s challenger gave her conceded this afternoon sealing the outcome in the 25th district race.

Tiffany was also running in a special election that was held because former Congressmen Sean Duffy (R) had to resign, sighting family health issues.

Tiffany and Garcia’s wins may be indicators of more Republican wins ahead. Flipping a seat from Democrat to Republican in Califonia of all places is no small feat. Currently, the House of Representatives stands with 233 Democrats 198 Republicans 3 vacancies and 1 Independent. On November 3rd, 2020 all 435 House Seats are up in the election. We will see if these special elections were any indicator at all of a change in the political positioning of the house.

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