Teddy Daniels Surpasses One Million Twitter Views on Blockbuster America First Campaign Video Ad

Pennsylvania Republican Congressional candidate Teddy Daniels released a blockbuster America First campaign video ad last Wednesday where he laid out his plans in office.

Last night, the ad surpassed the one million views on Twitter.

In the video, Daniels mentions that he is running for the district that encompasses President Joe Biden’s home town of Scranton.

Daniels also criticizes “swampy, sellout politicians” like U.S. House Rep Liz Cheney (R-WY) and U.S. Sen Mitt Romney (R-UT).

“Today’s politicians are bought & paid for HACKS who sell out America. Joe Biden turned his back on Scranton Pennsylvania, and now he’s turned his back on America,” Daniels explained in the tweet where he shared the ad.

Daniels added, “We need Conservative outsiders to drain the swamp & shake up Washington.”

Former Republican Congressional candidate Kim Klacik, who had a viral video ad of her own during her campaign, told Daniels in a response that it is, “The best ad I’ve ever seen!”

Conservative influencer Benny Johnson quote tweeted Daniels’ tweet of the video and declared, “This is the BEST GOP ad I have seen this cycle. Just perfect.”

Yesterday, we reported:

Republican Congressional candidate Teddy Daniels took aim at his potential opponent in next November’s election for the Pennsylvania’s 8th District, Democrat U.S. House Rep Matt Cartwright in an interview with Steve Bannon.

Daniels described Cartwright, “Here’s a guy who’s scared of his own shadow.”

“While this guy was eating steak and lobster dinners back in 2012, I was slinging lead, sleeping in dirt in Afghanistan, so his opinion of me means nothing, absolutely nothing,” Daniels explained.

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