Terrence K. Williams Calls For Biden to be Impeached Over Mask or Vaccine Ultimatum

Yesterday, we reported that President Joe Biden had given the American people an ultimatum that he referred to as a “simple” rule.

“The rule is very simple: get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do. The choice is yours,” Biden said during a speech at the Rose Garden, later tweeting out the words.

A supporter of former President Donald Trump and comedian Terrence K. Williams was one of many who took great offense to the declaration by the president and in a Facebook Live video today, he demanded that Biden be impeached.

In his post for the video, Williams asked, “Joe Biden said Get Vaccinated or wear a Mask until you do! WHO THE HELL DO HE THINK HE IS?”

“This is my body, my choice, remember? Y’all are all about ‘my body, my choice’ well guess what this is my body, my choice and guess what Joe Biden, I don’t need your permission to go outside without a damn mask on,” Williams said in the video.

Williams then when outside on the video without a mask and came back in, calling Biden a “dictator” and said that he “doesn’t need Biden’s permission” to live his life freely.

Referencing the gas shortage, Williams called for Biden to be more worried about that instead of who is or isn’t wearing a mask.

“Joe Biden needs to be impeached, this man is not fit to be the president. This man needs to be impeached and removed from office,” Williams explained.

Williams concluded by and wondered what the outrage would be like if Trump had made such a decree and said that Biden is “not the king of the United States of America.”


Earlier, Biden tweeted a video with Vice President Kamala Harris flanking him where he announced, “Let me repeat: if you are fully vaccinated, you no longer need to wear a mask.”

In the tweet, Biden said, “After a long year of sacrifice, Americans who are fully vaccinated can stop wearing masks in most settings. We have more to do — but this is great news.”

It appears that many on the left are hesitant to heed his words, however, like U.S. House Rep Eric Swalwell (D-CA), who wore a mask in the Capitol earlier, becoming angry and confronting the spokesman for U.S. House Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) when he reminded Swalwell of Biden’s proclamation.

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