Texas Deploys More National Guard to the Border in Anticipation of ‘Migrant Caravan’ to Fill in For ‘AWOL’ Biden

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott had some harsh words for President Joe Biden this morning as his state grapples with another potential surge of migrants at the southern border.

In a Fox News interview this morning, Abbott declared, “I was on the border yesterday working with both the Texas National Guard as well as the Texas Department of Public Safety as we are preparing for the potential arrival of this caravan understand this, and that is the Biden administration is AWOL.”

“The Biden administration has abandoned any pretense of securing the border, and it’s left only to the state of Texas to step up and to secure our own border,” Abbott stated.

In a tweet accompanied by a clip of his appearance, Abbott asserted, “Texas has thousands of National Guard & @TxDPS officers, including Texas Rangers, deployed to secure the border.”

“The Lone Star State stopped the surge of illegal immigrants in Del Rio & we’re prepared to do it again,” Abbott insisted.

Fox News’ Bill Melugin tweeted out a video tonight where he was flying in a helicopter near the border and showing national guard troops gathering at the border.

“NEW: The TX National Guard has started deploying manpower to the area around the Del Rio international bridge in anticipation of migrant caravans heading to the U.S. @TxDPS showing us from air. Governor Abbott surging TX resources to send message TX will not allow entry,” Melugin said.

The House Homeland GOP quote tweeted Melugin and blamed Biden as well for the situation, emphasizing they believe he should be handling it.

“It is absolute negligence that @POTUS, @VP & @SecMayorkas refuse to secure our border. What is happening at the southern border is chaos and unacceptable. Texas is doing what the federal government should be. #BidenBorderCrisis,” they asserted.

We reported on the “migrant caravan” on Saturday:

A shocking new video shows a massive “migrant caravan” overwhelming Mexican forces with some heading towards the U.S. border.

The Mexican forces attempted to hold back the “migrants” with riot shields and were 3 or 4 deep in a line, but the “migrants” were still able to overwhelm them.

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