Jim Jordan Emphatically Denounces Barack Obama’s Accusations That Republicans Are Trying to ‘Rig Elections’

Today, U.S. House Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) emphatically denounced accusations by former President Barack Obama that Republicans are trying to “Rig elections.”

As we previously reported, Obama appeared at a rally for former governor and current Democratic nominee for governor, Terry McAuliffe, in Richmond, VA over the weekend.

During the speech given by Obama, at one point he veered off on a critical tangent about the new election integrity bills that have been passed in many states controlled by Republicans.

Of course, the rules of the election were changed in every state last year just prior to the election to allow for mass mail-in voting and an extended window of early voting that became known as “election season” and led to both presidential nominees far surpassing previous vote totals, with Democrat Joe Biden ultimately being declared the winner with a far greater amount of votes than the previous Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton received in 2016.

Also, such rhetoric has typically led to tags by Twitter and Facebook whenever Republicans suggest that the 2020 election was potentially rigged and many suggest that it led to the events that occurred on Jan. 6.

In a clip tweeted by Breaking 911, Obama can be seen scratching his head and asking, “Why is it Republicans don’t want you to vote?”

As the fact checkers would say, there is no evidence that Republicans don’t want anybody to vote, they just simply want to make sure that every vote that is counted is from an eligible voter who voted once.

There are also questions as to how fair it is to have the season of elections, as it can be challenging for one party or the other to have people at a polling location for weeks on end, among other concerns.

Obama then wondered, “What is it they are so afraid of?” He then scratches his nose and questioned further, “You know, it, it, I would assume, Terry (McAuliffe) if they think they have better ideas, why don’t they just make the case?.”

This sort of rhetoric is very infuriating for Republicans as many feel like they did make the better case in 2020 but that due to the changes made prior to the election, it was decided in the other party’s favor.

“Tell us your ideas. Tell us why you think they’re going to be better. Tell us how it’s going to help that man get a job, or help that young person go to college, or help that person get a trade. Just explain it and if you’ve got good ideas, people will flock to your ideas,” Obama suggested.

Obama concluded in the clip, “But that’s not what they try to do, instead your (Republicans) trying to rig elections. Because the truth is, people disagree with your (Republicans) ideas.”

Jordan quote tweeted the clip and declared, “How dare President Obama question the integrity of our elections!”

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