The Narrative Backfires as Donald Trump’s GOP Poll Numbers Skyrocket Almost 10% After FBI Raid

A new poll shows Trump’s numbers with the GOP have jumped after the FBI raided his Mar-A-Lago home.

In a poll looking at Republican primary possibilities, former President Trump’s lead over Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has jumped 10 points since July. This has furthered the gap from 30 points to 40 points.

Morning Consult conducted the poll on August 10th after the FBI searched the former president’s Florida home. Since the polling, the search warrant has been unsealed, which left a lot to be desired.

Polling found that 57% of registered voters would choose Trump if he decided to run in the Republican presidential primary if it were held that day. That number is an increase from July’s polling of 53%.

Governor Desantis has been the only candidate to be called a “competitor” to the former president in polling. With the raid in the news, this dropped DeSantis’s number from 23% to 17%, thus giving Trump the 10-point boost.

It seems if one of the underlying reasons for the raid, which pundits have claimed, was to dissuade people from voting for Trump it has backfired. It has even brought forth people on the left who are questioning the motives of the DOJ and FBI, over how poorly this was perceivably handled.

Trump has long said he has been targeted by the “deep state”, and the nothing burgers that plagued his 2016 campaign, as well as his time as president, seem to attest to it.

According to Insider:

One GOP operative told Insider that Trump will be able to reprise his role as a “martyr” and that the events of this week make it “pretty much unbeatable in a primary.

While Trump has hinted he will run again, no official announcement has been made as speculation has only grown. It seems from murmurings in the media it is almost a sure thing. Not only that but he has been targeted with what many see as persecution, which only fires up his base.

Many have said, “don’t call the FBI taking papers from Trump’s home a raid”. That seems to be because this gives the GOP tailwinds the left didn’t expect from all this.

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