TN Lays Down the Gauntlet, Libs Now Enraged That Teachers Who Break CRT Law May be Fined Between $1-5 Million or Lose Teaching License

A report came out in claiming that the Republican majority state of Tennesee is cracking down on teachers pushing Critical Race Theory. CRT was banned by many red states. But this hasn’t stopped schools from either renaming it something else or outright ignoring the new laws.

Earlier this year Tennessee passed a law banning CRT topics, which sought to outsmart people trying to skirt banning just CRT itself., as posted by Ida Bae Wells below, reported now that:

Tennessee aims to levy fines starting at $1 million and rising to $5 million on school districts each time one of their teachers is found to have “knowingly violated” state restrictions on classroom discussions about systemic racism, white privilege, and sexism, according to guidance proposed by the state’s department of education late last week.

Teachers could also be disciplined or lose their licenses for teaching that the United States is inherently racist or sexist or making a student feel “guilt or anguish” because of past actions committed by their race or sex.

The guidance received immediate backlash from advocates of students of color in the state who say it would have a disproportionate impact on already underfunded, majority Black and Latino school districts.

Clearly, leftists are enraged:

One apparent teacher appears to admit that she would have broken the law if not for these new teeth to enforce it:

“It appears I left the teaching profession just in time to avoid being fired. History teachers not welcome in TN.”

The angry quote tweets go on and on. It remains to be seen what other states decide to follow in the lead of Tenessee to prevent their children from being indoctrinated with taxpayer dollars.

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