Trump Campaign Awaits Judgement from Wisconsin Supreme Court Arguments After Judge Says Suit ‘Smacks of Racism’

WKOW reports that one case the Trump campaign has been fighting in Wisconsin was shot down while another was being argued in the Wisconsin Supreme Court simultaneously. It appears the arguments may be over for that one but there hasn’t been a ruling yet.

It has been hard to find the video of today’s WI Supreme Court hearings but nevertheless, The Election Wizard on Twitter has been giving a good play-by-play this morning. It appears as though some of today’s judges are liberal activists or as the Wizard put it, “Nancy Pelosi in Robes”. One judge apparently said the Trump campaign’s argument “smacks of racism”.

From WKOW:

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — President Donald Trump has lost a federal lawsuit while his attorney is arguing his case before a skeptical Wisconsin Supreme Court in another lawsuit that liberal justices said “smacks of racism” and would disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of voters only in the state’s most diverse counties. U.S. District Judge Brett Ludwig dismissed Trump’s federal lawsuit Saturday asking the court to order the Republican-controlled state Legislature to name Trump the winner over Democrat Joe Biden. The ruling came as Trump’s attorney in a state case faced a barrage of questions about his claims from both liberal and conservative justices on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

“FIREWORKS: Justice Jill Karofsky tells Trump attorney his lawsuit “smacks of racism.”” Reports The Election Wizard:

At one point according to The Election Wizard, Judge Dallet said that Facebook posts aren’t evidence:

“Radical Liberal Justice Dallet says Facebook posts aren’t evidence. What?!?!?!?!? Social media posts are used as evidence to prosecute people everyday for criminal and civil wrongs.”

At one point there was some pushback:

Although we await the results, it’s not looking promising for the Trump campaign on this particular case:

Standby for updates…