Trump Doubles Down on Endorsement for Lin Wood’s Opponent for SC GOP Chair

Monday it was announced that Attorney Lin Wood would be running for South Carolina GOP Chair. Trump had previously endorsed Drew McKissick in February with a handwritten note. McKissick has held the position since 2017 and Trump just released an official endorsement from Save America the day after it was brought to light that Wood would be challenging McKissick.

“I’m honored to have President Trump’s endorsement and looking forward to the opportunity to continue to serve our Party and the conservative principles and grassroots activists that have given us our biggest majority in 140 years.”

“President Trump endorses @DrewMcKissick for @SCGOP Chairman: “Drew McKissick has done an outstanding job as South Carolina GOP Chairman, electing more Republicans in 2020 than in over 140 years…Drew has my Complete and Total Endorsement for re-election!”

Wood has claimed that it was not his idea to run but that he has had many people request he runs. According to The State, “It was not a Lin Wood I think I’ll run for office type of moment,” Wood said. “I believe that the members of the Republican Party, the grassroots, the people, do not feel that the present leadership of the party represents them. I think in their words, I would say they feel like the party is being led by RINO (Republican only in name) Republicans.”

“These people are patriots, they love freedom and they’re unhappy with the November 2020 election, and they are unhappy that the present leadership of the South Carolina Republican Party was not more aggressive in attacking the legitimacy of the 2020 election,” Wood continued.

“There are a number of Republicans who give lip service to the president, but when it comes time to take action, their lip service seems to be only lip service,” Wood said. “Their actions don’t seem to back up their words.”

McKissick has been the Chair while Senator Graham defended his seat from Jamie Harrison. He was also Chair when Nancy Mace took back District 1 Lowcountry from Democrat Joe Cunningham during the 2020 election. McKissick also canceled the Republican Primary in 2020 throwing all of his support behind President Trump for his “proven track record”.

Wood just recently moved to South Carolina and it seems he is trying hard to stay in the spotlight. Wood pushed hard against the election results from 2020 to no avail. He seemed to fall off the deep end while trying to fight for election integrity which many saw as a noble effort until he started saying things that most people didn’t agree with and eluding to potential violence.

The case former President Trump referenced in his endorsement of McKissick was about reinstating the witness signature requirement on mail in ballots. McKissick’s statement on the ruling reads, “Despite the Democrats’ efforts to hijack a pandemic and use it to meddle with our election laws, they’ve lost. We’re pleased the Supreme Court reinstated the witness signature requirement and recognized its importance in helping to prevent election fraud. We were willing to go all the way to the highest court in the land, and it’s a great day for those who care about the security and integrity of our elections.”

When Congressman Tom Rice voted to impeach former President Trump SCGOP moved to formally censure the Congressman. McKissick gave a statement on the censure “We made our disappointment clear the night of the impeachment vote. Trying to impeach a president, with a week left in his term, is never legitimate and is nothing more than a political kick on the way out the door. Congressman Rice’s vote unfortunately played right into the Democrats’ game, and the people in his district, and ultimately our State Executive Committee, wanted him to know they wholeheartedly disagree with his decision.”

It seems that Wood doesn’t feel his faction of the party is getting the support and respect he feels it deserves. However, McKissick appears to be a Trump loyalist and a staunch supporter of the former President. He all appears to be running the SCGOP successfully. It appears Wood has an uphill battle if he is to take the seat away from McKissick.

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