Trump Gets Big SCOTUS Win on 2020 Census, Court Temporarily Halts Count

Earlier this year President Trump and most of his supporters lost ‘big league’ on a Census decision giving illegal immigrants representation and counting them along with US citizens. The Supreme Court just upended the entire thing right before the election, granting Trump a temporary win and delaying the census while sending it back to a lower court.

Judge Sotomayor dissented on the Supreme Court decision, writing: “The harms caused by rushing this year’s census count are irreparable.” This was an emergency order and it appears other justices did not give their reasonings for their decision to side with President Trump on this monumental win.

Trump has previously said that there would be a separate account of who is here legally and who is not to try and push back on the left’s goal to give illegal immigrants federal representation via the census.

Some leftists say this move risks undercounting ‘minorities’ of both legal and illegal status, but it is unclear how legal citizens wouldn’t get counted if they followed the law and the process.

AP reported on the breaking news:

More details from The Hill here.