Trump Makes Intentions Clear: I Simply Want to Get Our Great People $2000… Stop the Billions of Dollars in ‘Pork’

Many were confused it seemed after what has happened in the last week regarding the bill that passed and then President Trump issuing a subsequent request.

He believed that it was clear enough what he wanted but the Democrats and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attempted to exploit the situation by proposing a bill to give everybody $2000 on top of the bills that had already passed without cutting anything.

When that bill got shot down, she made it seem like the Republicans were the ones who were turning their back on Trump while House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy fired back at her that they had moved to re-examine how we spend taxpayer dollars on foreign aid and Pelosi blocked it.

This morning, the president tried to make his request as clear as he possibly could, as he tweeted, “I simply want to get our great people $2000, rather than the measly $600 that is now in the bill.”

Also, stop the billions of dollars in ‘pork’,” Trump added.

Trump supporter Steve Ferguson pointed out in a reply to Trump’s tweet, “Most of the bill is pork. The Kennedy Center, other countries, climate change, you name it. All non China Virus related.”

On Thursday, Pelosi tweeted out that the “omnibus bill has been enrolled” and is on its way to Trump “for his signature.”

Pelosi added, without mentioning the massive amount of pork in the bill, “We urge him to sign this bill into law to give immediate relief to hard-working families!” 

A federal shutdown would commence at midnight Monday if the bill fails to be signed, although Congress could negotiate a stop-gap measure to keep it running for at least another month, until after the inauguration.