Trump Scores Another Victory, Leftists ‘Meltdown’ After Judge Cannon Rules That He Can Hold Off on Affirming Accuracy of FBI’s Mar-a-Lago Raid Inventory

Former President Donald Trump has scored another victory, which has triggered a leftist meltdown after Judge Aileen Cannon ruled in his favor.

Cannon ruled today that he can hold off on affirming the accuracy of the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid inventory.

The order had come from Special Master Judge Raymond Dearie and now Trump’s team is not required to make follow it until shortly after the midterm elections.

Jenna Ellis remarked after the ruling, “The left’s absolute meltdown over Judge Cannon protecting the rights of an American citizen whose name happens to be Donald Trump is both predictable and revealing of their tired little agenda.”

Leftist video creators MeidasTouch tweeted, “With every action she takes, Judge Aileen Cannon proves herself to be even more shameless and corrupt. But the DOJ’s investigation of the classified documents continues undeterred. She is simply exposing herself.”

CNN and MSNBC commentator Tristian Snell complained, “Apparently it is now legal to go on TV and social media and say the government planted evidence and that you declassified documents with your mind — and a judge will just accept that as the truth, without requiring evidence and arguments in court? Way to go, ‘Judge’ Cannon.”

Leftist author Don Winslow asked, “Dear Judge Cannon, Just hypothetically speaking… How much would it cost to buy you back?”

Activist Andrew Wortman lamented, “This woman is the biggest disgrace in the history of the federal judiciary.”

As we previously reported, Trump scored a big win when Cannon granted former Trump’s request to appoint a “Special Master” to review the material taken from his Mar-a-Lago home in a raid conducted by the FBI last month.

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