Joy Behar Compliments FL Gov Ron DeSantis, ‘He’ll be Fine… He’s Not Stupid’

On Wednesday’s show of “The View”, the hosts discussed Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his handling of Hurricane Ian. DeSantis thanked President Joe Biden for the aid that was activated ahead of the storm hitting the state.

The ladies of “The View” chimed in with their thoughts and comments on the Governor. Joy Behar surprised viewers with a compliment for the Governor as well as throwing in a few digs before the positive.

“According to NPR, Florida’s climate challenges are among the biggest in the country. Hurricanes intensified by climate change, rising sea level, extreme heat and drought, and this one is the worst one, health threats from mosquito-born diseases,” Behar shared.

Behar added, “This is the quote from Governor DeSantis about climate change, quote — ‘I am not in the pews of the church of the global warming leftists.’ “This is what he thinks about climate change.”

Joy then started with her digs, “Isn’t it socialism when the government helps you? The fire department’s gotta come, and the police. I mean, socialism”

Sunny Hostin asked, “What are we going to see from the individual mayors and what kind of leadership will we see from DeSantis?”

“I think we should wait a day or two and let this do what it’s going to do,” Whoopi Goldberg replied.

Joy then to everyone’s surprise said, “He’ll be fine. I think he’ll handle it. He’s not stupid.”

Alyssa Farah Griffin gleefully shares, “This is a moment I think for DeSantis to show he’s a leader of all Floridians. That it’s not about politics. I would encourage him, don’t even call your political team for the next week. Focus on helping the people of Florida, the Democrats, people whose counties are never going to vote for you.”

Griffin added, “He’s smarter than Trump. I think we all kind of recognize this. I actually expect to see very competent leadership from him on this.”

Sunny Hostin added her synisism, “It’s not saying much, but he is smarter than Trump.”

With hurricane Ian mostly gone, Florida is now on the ball with cleanup and as well as assessing all of the damage from the horrendous storm.

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