Trump Wastes No Time in Calling Out Harris, ‘Most Horrible Most Disrespectful Member of U.S. Senate’

During a presser by President Donald Trump one of the White House Press Members asked “On a Senator Harris, is she going to help former Vice President Biden’s chances in November or is she going to hurt?” Trump quickly responded with praise for Mike Pence. After delighting in his Vice President who is well liked, out he heads back to the question.

He starts by bringing up the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. “I thought that was terrible for her I thought it was terrible for our nation. I thought she was the meanest, most horrible most disrespectful of anybody in the US Senate.

She is also known from what I understand just about the most liberal person in the US Senate. And I would of thought Biden would’ve tried to stay away from that a little bit because with what they’re doing with open boarders and sanctuary cities, where they’re trying to protect sanctuary cities which is also protecting large number of criminals.

With all of the things they’re doing Second Amendment, they wanna take away your Second Amendment or modify it to a point where its essentially no longer the Second Amendment I thought he would’ve gone a different way.”

Trump seems to be saying that Kamala won’t help Biden this November. The Trump Campaign quickly released an ad hitting Harris shortly after Biden announced his decision. The ad can be seen below:

Biden’s announcement of his pick for VP also included a note about his late son Beau and how the pair worked closely together when they were both Attorneys Generals, Kamala for California, and Beau of Delaware. This may have played a role in his decision for VP, or why else would he have brought up the connection? Kamala wrote about their friendship in her memoir she released in 2019.

Liz Wheeler from OAN reacted to Biden’s announcement with “Remember that time Kamala Harris laughed about smoking marijuana herself… after putting other people in prison in California for doing the same thing?” This piece of information keeps popping up about Harris but never seems to stick.

It seems that some Democrats are banking on Kamala to go after President Trump since Joe Biden seems to be on lockdown since the start of the Pandemic. Twitter user @MsPakyetti tweeted, “I know one thing- @KamalaHarris has been on Trump since day ONE. She’s been in the GYM for this one & she’s ready.” This seems to say she believes that Harris is ready to fight Trump.

With the announcement of the Vice President, maybe we will see more of Joe Biden, many are probably hoping will get to see a debate between the President and former Vice President. However, if the left believes that Kamala is going to be Biden’s attack dog, we may only get to see a her go against Pence in a debate.

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