Tucker Carlson Doubles Down on Sidney Powell’s Lack of ‘Evidence’ But Will Be ‘Grateful’ if Proven

Following criticism from supporters of President Trump and many of the viewers who helped him become a ratings leader, as well as a response from Sidney Powell herself, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson addressed the situation tonight on his show.

Carlson tweeted the clip from his show and said, “An update on our reporting on Sidney Powell’s voter fraud investigation. Watch.”

“Last night in a segment about voter fraud, and the investigation into it, we told you about Sydney Powell, a former federal prosecutor and her claim that roughly 7 million votes were secretly changed on election night by vote rigged, vote-counting software,” he began.

Carlson then invoked Trump and said that”In the last 24 hours since we did that, we heard from a lot of people about that segment, including people in the White House, and people close to the president.”

“Like us, they have concluded this election was not fair. Like us, they have not seen a single piece of evidence showing that software changed votes. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, it might have happened, it means they haven’t seen any evidence that it happened,” Carlson continued.

Doubling down, Carlson said, By they, we are including other members of Donald Trump’s own legal team, they have not seen Powell’s evidence either. No testimony from employees inside the software companies, no damning internal documents, no copies of the software itself.”

“Sidney Powell came on Fox this morning and suggested we may not have to wait much longer. I fully expect, she said, that we will be able to prove all of it in the court within the next two weeks and as far as we’re concerned, that’s great news,” Carlson quoted her as saying.

Carlson concluded the segment with a statement that bordered on being disingenuous as he said, “If Sidney Powell can prove that technology companies switched millions of votes and stole a presidential election, she will have, almost single-handily, uncovered the greatest crime in the history of this country and no one will be more grateful for that than us.”

Most respondents were not appeased, however. One Twitter user, Steven Stil, replied, “All about ratings huh Tucker? We are fighting for our lives and you want to break the story on the evidence when everyone knows that happens in court! Never show the enemy your plan!”

“Edward” said that “I don’t know a single lawyer that would hand over their evidence to a news Outlet.”

Carlson appears right now to be unable to comprehend the extent of the potential damage as many are already turned off to Fox News and this could be the last straw for them. We’ll see if he issues any further updates.

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