Tucker Carlson Drops MOAB on Lindsey Graham, Says he’s on Joe Biden’s Side with Russia-Ukraine War

Tucker Carlson told his viewers on Wednesday that U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is a “neoliberal” on the side of President Joe Biden.

“Graham is the most aggressively liberal Republican in the U.S. Senate, on the two issues that define our moment, immigration and foreign policy; Lindsey Graham is strongly on Joe Biden’s side. Lindsey Graham believes that Ukraine’s borders are much more important than our own border,” Carlson starts in on Senator Graham.

Tucker then showcased Graham’s incessant demand that the United States provide M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. Graham it seems is all in for writing a blank check for Ukraine’s war with Russia, and if it starts World War III so be it. Joe Biden fulfilled Graham’s demand for America to send those tanks to Ukraine.

Carlson points to Graham’s newest demand that the pentagon, F16 fighter jets to Ukraine to aid them in their fight against Russia. Carlson shared providing the fighter jets “would mean direct American involvement in a war against nuclear-armed Russia. From there it is a direct and possibly very short line to a nuclear exchange, it is lunacy, true lunacy.”

Carlson called Graham an “utterly committed neocon, neocon politics are what he cares about to the exclusion of everything else.” Carlson points out, “he has no children, he is not worried about the future.”

Tucker then pointed to something that doesn’t seem to add up, Graham is Donald Trump’s number one fan in the Senate. Why is this odd? Trump has campaigned against the “neocons” since day one. Trump railed against Nato while Graham and Biden have used Nato as a tool in the war against Russia Carlson explained.

It just doesn’t add up, that is because while Graham’s words display that he is a Trump fan and supporter, his actions are clear that he is not. Carlson reminded his audience that Graham “spent four years when Trump was president, trying to undermine Donald Trump’s biggest priorities on the biggest issues, immigration, and foreign policy.”

Graham tried to brush off Trump’s border wall calling it metaphoric.

Time will tell how the tragic war ends and how Graham’s strange friendship with Donald Trump pans out.

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