Tucker Carlson Embarrasses the Left Like No One Else Could, Warns of Hail Mary Michelle Obama for President Possibility

On Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program last night, he warned of a hail mary Michelle Obama for president possibility after she recently appeared in the news again.

“Six years after leaving Washington, Michelle Obama is back in the news… why has she emerged in this way?” Carlson wondered.

Carlson then pointed out that “If you didn’t know any better if you were visiting this country from a foreign land trying to figure out ‘What’s going on in the U.S.?’ you might mistake what Michelle Obama is doing right now for the beginnings of a presidential campaign.”

After playing a clip of Obama recently discussing her menopause, Carlson asked, “Why is Michelle Obama telling you about her menopausal thighs on a TV show?”

Carlson suggested it was because she was a crazed narcissist and perhaps there might also be another reason.

“Here’s the problem for the Democratic party, the current Vice President is totally incompenent and universally loathed,” Carlson explained after sharing quotes from New York Times and Washington Post articles that discussed Kamala Harris’ presidential prospects.

Carlson then played a clip of Obama from November where she said that she didn’t want to weigh in on whether Joe Biden should run for re-election.

“The question is will the rest of us have to see a whole lot more of Michelle Obama in the next two years,” Carlson concluded, mocking the way she put it in that interview.

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