Tucker Carlson Eviscerates Joe Biden Amid Chinese ‘Spy’ Balloon Fiasco, ‘This is not the First’

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson opened his Friday night show by talking about the massive Chinese “spy” balloon (which China claims is not a spy balloon) traveling across the continental United States.

This Chinese “spy” balloon is not the first, Carlson shared with his audience, and he called the Biden Administration’s position on the balloon “ridiculous” and “scary” given the aforementioned.

Daily Caller shared a clip from his opening segment on Twitter:

“.@TuckerCarlson: “The Administration’s position on the Chinese spy balloon becomes not just ridiculous but scary when you learn that this is not the first Chinese spy balloon.”

Carlson took more shots at President Biden and his “crackhead son”.

“.@TuckerCarlson: “Things turn out to be a little different when it’s a Chinese spy balloon…The Chinese government…did send cash to Joe Biden’s crackhead son, and apparently to Joe Biden…and that paid off.”

It appears the Department of Defense has known about the existence of the balloon before it became public knowledge. People could see the massive balloon in the sky over Montana and with pictures being shared and people calling different authorities about it, there was no more pretending it wasn’t there.

Friday, the pentagon held a press conference on the balloon, and not much was answered as the pentagon kept using the word “classified” instead of real answers. Most recent reports are that the balloon is over the state of Missouri.

U.S. Senator Eric Schmitt (R-MO) wants some answers and wrote Department of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin a letter with questions and shared he will be pursuing an investigation into the Biden Administration’s response.

Republican Governor of Montana Greg Gianforte was also on Carlson, and he shared that he believed the balloon should have been taken down. He shared the same sentiment on Twitter earlier Friday:

“The Chinese Communist Party flew a spy balloon over Montana, and it’s making its way over other states. It should have been taken down well before now. Montanans and all Americans deserve full answers from the Biden administration now.”

Sr. White House reporter for Bloomberg News Jennifer Jacobs shared more information about the other devices that were sent over to the U.S. from China.

“US officials believe the balloon is part of a broader Chinese spy program that’s seen many other devices sent over US, including some during Trump admin.”

“One top Trump official says none of the Chinese spy balloons back then were near sensitive sites or had payloads as large as this one appears to carry. Other sr Trump officials say they weren’t personally aware of any China surveillance balloons and don’t believe Trump made aware”

Hopefully will see what comes of this Chinese “spy” balloon as Americans continue to pressure the opaque Biden Administration.

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  1. Joe’s handlers told him about the balloon, and he started singing Happy Birthday! He then promptly asked when the cake and ice cream were being served!

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