U.S. Senator Eric Schmitt Demands Investigation Over Biden Administration Failing to Intercept Chinese ‘Spy’ Balloon

U.S. Senator Eric Schmitt (R-MO) wants answers as to why the Biden Administration isn’t intercepting a spy balloon that the Chinese have claimed as theirs. Schmitt is calling for an investigation, he announced on Twitter.

“BREAKING: I’m calling for an investigation and demanding answers from the Biden Admin. on why a Chinese spy balloon was allowed to hover over critical military infrastructure in Missouri and across the interior of the U.S. without any intervention.”

Schmitt has sent a letter to Lloyd Austin the Secretary of Defense. He starts his letter, “As I write, a Chinese asset hovers over the great State of Missouri. This is potentially a grave threat to national security that the Biden Administration is allowing to violate U.S. airspace, while failing to provide critical details for the American people.”

He goes on to cite that “lack of transparency is alarming,” as the DOD has been reluctant to share information with the American public. The answer to many questions the DOD has faced about the balloon is to tell the public it’s “classified”.

Schmitt concludes the letter, “The American people deserve transparency and accountability immediately. I request an immediate briefing for my colleagues so that we can provide constitutional oversight. I intend to partner with my colleagues to investigate the administration’s decision-making process related to this violation of our nation’s airspace and internal law. I look forward to your prompt response.”

The Biden Administration has become very good at dodging questions that Americans want answers to. It appears that the “spy” balloon is no exception. We will see what comes of Schmitt’s letter and the prospect of an investigation into the matter.

Although the balloon is reportedly no longer in the Montana area, a tweet video shows strange activity in that state in the sky recently. This is unconfirmed and speculative at this time, so use discretion:

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