Twitter Suspends Account of ‘Expert Witness’ Testifying at Arizona State Legislature Voter Fraud Hearing

For the second time in as many State Legislature hearings regarding potential voter fraud in the election held earlier this month, a person involved with the hearing has had their Twitter account suspended.

During the hearing in Pennsylvania, State Senator Doug Mastriano’s personal Twitter account was temporarily suspended on the social media platform, but has since been reactivated.

According to Newsweek, A Twitter spokesperson said in a statement that Mastriano’s account “was mistakenly suspended for perceived violations of our impersonation policy. This was an error. We have immediately reversed the decision and the account has been reinstated.”

This time, Bobby Piton, an “expert witness” in the hearing has had his account suspended by Twitter.

The Trump campaign posted Piton’s testimony on their Twitter and said, “Expert witness says he believes the numbers in Arizona are fraudulent based on the data: ‘I’d rather resign than have certified those results’ in Arizona today.”

OAN’s Chanel Rion retweeted that tweet and expounded on the testimony and said, “Bobby Piton testifies on the data he has collected county by county showing clear anomalies: Consistently finds 95-99% of registered voters ‘voted’ in key demographics and counties according to official government data. ‘Something is very wrong'”

Conservative activist Benny Johnson wondered, “Was this an “error” too like when this happened to Doug Mastriano doing the Pennsylvania hearing?”

Referencing testimony from a September Senate hearing, Johnson said, “Again, Jack Dorsey has testified under oath that political views play no role in policy enforcement.

Johnson asked, “What are the odds that BOTH @bobbypiton and @dougmastriano were involved in hearings and violated Twitter’s rules severely enough to be suspended in the same day?”

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