TX Dem State Rep Crosses Line, Complains that Trump Can’t go to Prison if he’s Dead, Then Deletes Tweet

An angry and spiteful Texas State Rep. named Gene Wu (D) has lashed out like many others against President Trump while he is in the fight of his life as Walter Reed. Wu, like many other Democrats who have rejoiced about Trump’s Covid-19 diagnosis, had to delete his tweet and made a half excuse about it because he technically didn’t wish harm on anyone he says.

Tim Peck appeared to have preserved a screenshot of the deleted tweet that Wu does not deny putting out. “Hard to serve a prison sentence if you’re dead,” Wu said. See tweet:

In the tweet ‘acknowledgement’ he now apparently ‘cares’ and says he is praying for the president’s recovery:

This continues a long and unsettling trend of Democrats lashing out, rejoicing, or even wishing death on President Trump. Twitter has allegedly claimed they will not allow people to wish death on the president. Meanwhile, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Barack Obama have done an about face, and have had mostly nice things to say about the embattled president.

Sadly, it’s hard for most Americans to see past it as just a PR move, and many want the key Democrats to disavow their fans who are wishing the worst for Donald and Melania, just like Democrats forced President Trump to ‘disavow’ “White Supremacists” and even the “Proud Boys” as of late.

But will the Democrats play the same disavowal game the Republicans appear to have been forced to play regarding this tragic situation? It’s unlikely. It also doesn’t appear that Wu, an elected Democrat official in Texas, will be held to account for his disgusting statement either, but you never know.