Update From Doctors at Walter Reed: The President is Doing Very Well

Doctors held a press conference regarding President Trump’s health this morning after his recent Covid-19 diagnosis and although they are being cautiously optimistic, things appear to be looking good.

They have said they don’t anticipate that he will need any oxygen therapy going forward and that although he previously had a fever, he has been fever-free.

It is being reported that President Trump has said that he feels so could he could walk out of the hospital today. The first doctor introduced the conference and Trump’s monitoring staff:

Here is the entire clip of the conference that was streamed live. President Trump has been reported to have not had any breathing difficulties, which debunks reports that came from CNN’s Jim Acosta.

One reporter asked if President Trump has had any signs of lung damage and the doctor said he was not going to get into specifics at this time, possibly because they are still monitoring things and the situation is relatively new. One reporter asked why President Trump was even admitted and a doctor said: “because he is the President of the United States”. More details to come…

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