U.S. Rep Nancy Mace Ran on Trump’s Coattails, but it’s Not Surprising that She Already Abandoned Him

Newly elected Republican Representative from South Carolina Nancy Mace has apparently done an about-face when it comes to President Donald Trump. In June of last year Mace exclaimed with glee on Twitter, “Mr. President, I can’t thank you enough. Together we will take back the House!!” in a retweet of his endorsement of her.

Since January 6th though, she has made a parade through the mainstream media exclaiming things such as “Every accomplishment that the President has had over the past four years has been wiped out.”

According to Mace, she helped get Trump elected in 2016, and in one of her ads from last year she declares she will, “help President Trump take care of our veterans.” This can be seen in the video tweet from Alex Bruesewitz which is captioned:

“[@NancyMace] helped elect President Trump.” “In Congress, Nancy Mace will help President Trump take care of our veterans.” Mentioned Trump twice in one ad! She used him to get elected, and now she stabs him in the back. She defrauded her voters. Shame on her.”

Even today, Mace went on Fox News to lament her first 100 hours in Congress calling them “hell” in a spot with Martha MacCallum. Fox News is becoming less and less relevant though, with their recent dramatic drop in viewership.

Mace used her first speech on the house floor to condemn the president that she used to help get herself elected. It is the view of many that Trump’s words, on January 6th, were not words of incitement or calling for violence, although many (mostly Democrat) politicians and media outlets disagree.

However, as you can see Mace captioned her tweet with, “I condemn the President’s words. I condemn the actions of those who incited the violence we saw last week. I also condemn rushed partisan impeachment exercises. We have to tone down the rhetoric in DC.”

Mace was not one of the ten Republicans to vote to impeach the president but has not stopped herself from taking every opportunity to what some may see as making gains for herself at the expense of the president.

On Sunday, in an interview with Meet the Press, Mace further distances herself from President Trump stating “we need to find a way to hold the president accountable and we’re doing that in the press, and your seeing corporations and companies say not one more dime to those that objected, we’re gonna do the right thing, and so there are other measures that I’m encouraged by seeing out there. Um, I wanna be a new voice for the Republican party that’s one of the reasons I’ve spoken out so strongly against the president against these QAnon conspiracy theorists that led us in a constitutional crisis, it’s just wrong and we gotta put a stop to it.”

Mace captioned her video tweet with “I want to be a new voice for the Republican Party, someone who will help bring us back to our core values of promoting liberty and empowering people to pursue their own happiness. That’s the GOP that can help bring our nation together.”

In response to her tweet video conservative commentator, Mark Dice replied “You have a pretty face, but what comes out of your mouth is [dog emoji] [poop emoji]”

Some view Mace’s media tour as just mass self-promotion, taking advantage of the terrible events that happened on January 6th. Not all who believed there was potential election fraud in the 2020 election had anything to do with QAnon.

It seems many people including some congressmen wanted to see the election fraud claims taken seriously, thus why some objected to the certification of the electoral votes, something that has happened in a select few other presidential elections.

This doesn’t appear to be the first time Mace has turned something into a personal attack. It appears that when the South Carolina legislature was debating an anti-abortion heartbeat bill, Mace proposed adding except for in cases of rape and incest members of the legislature dismissed her. This led to Mace revealing she was sadly raped as a teenager.

Pamphlets were later distributed by another legislator that asked why the baby should pay for the parent’s misdeeds and Mace took it as a personal attack. The other legislator did apologize, however, he stills stands by his anti-abortion belief which many others also hold on to.

In an odd tweet, @chssc1967 says, “Did I read this right – Nancy Mace says it’s okay to kill (abort) babies conceived through incest or rape, but otherwise abortion is wrong? WHAT? Why is a life created through incest or rape less valuable? She’s a hypocrite.”

In less than 48 hours Joe Biden will stand on the Capitol steps and be sworn in as President of the United States. In the eyes of many right now the Republican party stands very divided and it seems that Mace is not the only one pushing for the spotlight and increasing their sway within the party.

As we enter this new chapter in America only time will show us where it goes from here and what will come of the Republican party.

Stay tuned to Media Right News as we watch this all unfold.