U.S. Rep Paul Gosar Slams Mitt Romney’s Niece Ronna McDaniel for Putting Cuba First: ‘America is Under a Sustained Attack on its Sovereignty With Open Borders… Race Hustlers…’

U.S. House Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) has had enough. He took to Twitter this evening to take the RNC Chairwoman, Mitt Romney’s niece Ronna McDaniel to task. McDaniel, who has reportedly been trying to take the Republican party in another direction and away from Donald Trump, is ranting about Cuba on Twitter.

Many weak-kneed Republicans have been hemming and hawing about Cuba and their alleged oppression. This is very tone-deaf considering Americans have some serious issues of their own. We will let Rep Gosar’s quote speak for itself, as he responded to McDaniel’s original Cuba tweet with:

“America is under a sustained attack on its sovereignty with open borders, against its culture by race hustlers, against our public fisc, and against our political/medical dissidents with a capricious legal system. For the love of everything holy Cuba can wait. Help America First”

In the eyes of many “America First” Republicans who are waiting to see what comes next after Trump, (assuming he doesn’t run and win in 2024), Gosar is one of the best elected Republicans. He isn’t afraid of being canceled for being controversial. He listens to his constituents and he isn’t politically correct.

Although Gosar is rare, and constantly under attack by the liberal media, many would like to see far more Gosars elected into office. The nation is not only getting more divided but less like it ever was, with mass immigration permanently changing the scope and demographics of the nation and probably the voting base as well.

While Republicans like Ronna stick their head in the sand and pander to those who will likely never vote Republican, Gosar is facing reality and telling it like it is. Republicans need to push back on the radical left-wing agenda here at home with everything they have, and stop pandering to other nations.

McDaniel’s original tweet was: “The Republican Party stands with the people of Cuba fighting for freedom!” Apparently, she forgot that many in the United States are losing their freedoms with vaccine mandates, big tech censorship, ridiculously high levels of immigration that waters down the native vote, and Antifa and BLM rioters running the streets in big cities around the nation. Very tone-deaf of the GOP.

State Senator Wendy Rogers, also in Arizona, had a lot to say too:

“But we aren’t free here. We don’t have free elections. Our kids can’t go to school without looking like a storm trooper. People are being forced to take the jab. People can’t even speak freely without being deplatformed. We have people on no fly lists and being kicked off banks”