Pelosi Adds Primaried Former GOP Congressman Denver Riggleman to Jan. 6 Select Committee as ‘Senior Staff Member’

In a decision that drew praise for the Occupy Democrats Twitter page, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has former GOP Congressman Denver Riggleman to the the Jan. 6 Select Committee as a “Senior staff member.”

As the left-wing group noted, Riggleman is now an outspoken critic of former President Trump, after previously touting his endorsement while running for re-election.

BREAKING NEWS: Pelosi selects ex-Congressman Denver Riggleman as the third Republican member of the January 6 Committee. He’s an outspoken Trump critic — and a former Air Force intelligence officer with a stellar national security background. RT if you support Pelosi’s choice!

According to National File, the addition was reportedly at the behest of Never-Trump Congresswoman Liz Cheney, one of only two Congressional Republicans taking part in the investigation that Republican leadership has called a “sham.”

We had previously reported that Riggleman was recently spotted leaving Pelosi’s office and at the time, although he did not say that he had been offered a job, he did confirm to the media that he would accept a position with Pelosi’s committee if an offer was made.

In a tweet which drew the praises of liberals like Kathy Griffin, Riggleman recorded a video of himself talking about the appointment.

“It’s time. Thank you to the committee for your confidence. It’s an honor to serve alongside those who represent the best of America. We will see this mission through,” Riggleman claimed.

Griffin exclaimed in a response to Riggleman’s tweet, “Denver! So grateful we have you working on this. I was hoping the rumors were true!”

Riggleman replied and indirectly referenced Griffin’s recent lung cancer diagnosis, “Thank you @kathygriffin and sending the best wishes for your health and well-being. Love your dogs!”

It is clear that Riggleman’s appointment will give Democrats another opportunity to tout the “bi-partisan” nature of the commission, but it is unlikely most Republicans will accept this, given the selections.