Jenna Ellis Pushes Back on RNC Denial of Going Against Trump, Calls Out Ronna McDaniel, Gets Blocked on Twitter

Jenna Ellis, a former Trump legal team member pushed back against the Republican National Committee and GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel after the RNC didn’t back up Trump’s election fraud claims and seem to be lying about it.

“This report is true @GOPChairwoman, and you know I have the receipts. Why is the RNC lying and saying it’s false?

RNC Chief Counsel Justin Riemer sent an email to Rudy Giuliani asking why he continues to back up Trump’s voter fraud claims in which he responded, “Can you f–king believe this?” Now, the RNC has denied this happened and Riemer still serves as RNC Chief Counsel.

However, Jenna Ellis confirmed on Twitter that it did happen and that she has proof this did occur. Now, many conservative pundits are calling for McDaniel to resign. Following Ellis exposing McDaniel, Ronna McDaniel blocked her on Twitter.

Some are coming to the conclusion that Ronna McDaniel is another establishment Republican who claims to support Trump but uses him for influence and fundraising. Some are hoping that Trump will release a statement on this matter soon calling for her resignation. While they wait for Trump to possibly release a statement many Republicans will continue to call for her to resign as it appears some she isn’t representing the party rightfully.

All this may not come as a surprise to those who have seen McDaniel as nothing more than Mitt Romney’s niece. Although she has tried to distance herself from her uncle this latest allegation aligns her well with him in the eyes of many. We will have to wait for what happens.

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