US FDA Official: ‘Blow Darting African Americans is Where We’re Going… Just Shoot Everyone’

Wednesday evening, Project Veritas released a video in which a US FDA employee makes comments about blow-darting people to get them all vaccinated.

At the beginning of the video, the journalist asks, “What do you work for, like, the FDA or something?” to which the subject labeled as Taylor Lee replies “Yeah”.

The video jumps to the next clip and Lee starts talking about the COVID trials and African Americans. “I remember reading about how with COVID trials, they were having an issue recurring African-American people. And it was because of a different medication the government tried to do that was specifically designed to kill African-Americans,” Lee explains. To which the journalist replies, “Oh, so, like a mistrust thing.” Lee answers, “Yeah”. The journalist then says, “But this thing’s safe though.”

Lee replies, “And we know that now, but like again, I think there is still this big mistrust in like it’s deep-rooted”. The journalist concurs, “Yeah, can’t blame them.” Lee agrees, “I can’t but at the same time, like, blow dart. That’s where we’re going.”

The video fades to another clip and Lee is saying, “Yeah. I mean my thing is like, you know, you get blow darts of J&J and” The journalist interjects, “What do you mean, blow darts of J&J?” Lee states, “Again I I’m a little cynical. Yeah, Jonson & Johnson” The journalist asks, “But, what do you mean though?” Lee replies, “Like go to the unvaccinated and blow it into them. Blow dart it into them. That’s where I’m at this point.”

The journalist asks, “How do we reach the minority populations? Is there a way to do it? I want to get back to normal” Lee answers his question, “I’m sure there is. I’m not the person to answer it, though. Other than blow darts. Because I think that is a great solution.” The journalist adds, “Well, the problem with that is, African-Americans, they might think that it’s like almost like a callback to getting shot by like the slave.” Lee interjects, “It’s fine, we’ll go for the whites first. We’ll post like video campaigns about doing it to the whites first. And then they can’t call it.” The journalist replies, “Then they can’t say it’s racist.” “Exactly” Lee retorts. Lee then says, “We’ll have to hire some Amazonians first. Because, like, they’ll get it done.”

The video changes to another meeting between the journalist and Taylor Lee from the FDA. They continue to talk about Lee’s blow-dart Idea. This time Lee brings up ‘Drone Darts’. Lee says at one point, “It’s terrible. But at this point I’m like, I don’t care about your bodily autonomy because it’s not just your bodily autonomy that you’re putting in jeopardy.” The pair also touches on Niki Minaj and the journalist’s anti-vax father.

The journalist talks about going door to door with the vaccine, Lee agrees. The journalist asks, “What are the chances of that happening?” To which Lee replies, “I mean, Census goes door to door if you don’t respond. So, we have the infrastructure to do it. It’ll cost a ton of money. But I think, at that point, there needs to be a registry of people who aren’t vaccinated. Although that’s sounding very Germany. At the same point.” Lee then talks about how it is hard to know what to do and that there don’t seem to be any good options that they are all grey no good black and white options.

The video then jumps to another conversation of the pair discuss the booster shots and the FDA’s decision to approve them for 65 and older. Lee appears to disagree with that decision. The video then goes to Lee talk about cost analysis on the vaccine. He gives an example, “Okay so if you give a million vaccines, and two of them are blood clots, okay, you have a loss of $10 million, about, in your government regulation type world framework. Because each life accounted for about $5 million. And again, it can range and all that stuff, but like, okay so if you can, if you give these million vaccines, you get everything back to normal. Are you making more than that $10 million loss or not? And that’s the way that like we’re trained to like, try and think about these things in terms of cost, benefit analysis, that type of stuff.”

The journalist asks Lee, “Do people there like ever play politics with, like, the science, or?” Lee answers, “So, I would think that the general people there, so the people who are the actual scientists, no. But some political appointees are generally scientific advisors who are appointed by the president or the commission so they do.”

The recording is concerning to see that an FDA employee is ready to have everyone shot with blow darts in order to get back to normal and it appears he also wants a national registry of vaccinated and unvaccinated. The last bit of the video hits on the politicization of the FDA. The scientists may not be political, but their advisors appointed by the president are.