US Rep Jody Hice Reportedly Might Run Against Brad Raffensperger in Georgia, Meanwhile Vernon Jones Calls for Raffensperger’s Resignation

Georgia Republican Congressmen Jody Hice is reportedly thinking about announcing his bid for Georgia Secretary of State to unseat “RINO” Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger who has expressed anti-Trump bias in the past. Below is the tweet with the initial report.

“Sources are telling FYN that Ga @CongressmanHice (R) #JodyHice will announce soon that he will challenge #BradRaffensperger for @GaSecofState We understand @CongressmanHice has #DonaldJTrump endorsement. FYN has reached out to Hice for confirmation.”

We reached out to Rep. Hice’s office in Washington D.C. for comment and they said they were, “Not aware” of him running for Georgia Secretary of State. They also would not deny that it was happening for sure.

We followed up and called Hice’s media relations to contact Sarah Selip but she said, “no comment at this time” but again there is no denial of him running. If he wasn’t running they would probably say “no” not “no comment” which begs the question of why she didn’t just say “no” if he wasn’t going to run, but we can only speculate.

Rep. Hice has been critical of Secretary Raffensperger and accused him of allowing the alleged widespread voter fraud in which he believed occurred under Raffensperger’s watch in Georgia. You can see the tweet from January 5th in which Hice went after Raffensperger.

“Raffensperger singlehandedly opened the door to widespread voter fraud in Georgia’s Nov 3 election like the state has never seen. We cannot abandon election integrity because of one man’s complete incompetence. It is our sacred duty to protect the right to vote!”

Former President Donald Trump too has criticized Raffensperger and has expressed dissatisfaction for his handling of the 2020 election and his refusal to comply with Trump’s demands. With Rep. Hice being a pro-Trump Congressmen, a Trump endorsement would only seem inevitable if Hice was to run which seems likely.

We will have to see when/if he decides to run, as a primary victory seems likely with a potential Trump endorsement and a pro-Trump history.

GA State Rep Vernon Jones, who recently switched to Republican, may also be a possible candidate. He recently retweeted a story by the Washington Examiner that he is calling for Brad Raffensperger to resign after “the media misquoted former President Donald Trump’s phone call with a top state investigator”. He also tweeted himself which you can see below as well.

“It has now been uncovered that the Georgia Secretary of State’s released a deceptively edited recording of the President, in attempt to embarrass him and mislead the public. He should resign immediately. Georgians deserve better.”

This comes after a major Washington Post correction that we reported about previously here.

We will have to see what happens.

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