VIDEO: Biden Claims Idaho Republican Governor Little on Board with Vaccine Mandates

A video of Joe Biden in California, after his visit to Idaho, appears to be tellings those he is talking to, the Governor of Idaho is for vaccine Mandates.

Biden starts by explaining, “I was just in a state, a neighboring state called Idaho. Idaho when I got elected as a 29-year-old Senator, was a Republican state.” Biden performs the sign of the cross while saying, “I don’t know what the hell happened!” His audience laughs at his stunt.

He then corrects himself, “Excuse me I mean it was a Democratic state now it’s a Republican state.” The President then starts to list the names of Democrats he knew from Idaho, “Frank Church, [inaudible], others who were Democrat.”

Biden gets to Governor Little, “But the Governor there is complimentary, of your Governor [Gavin Newsome] and that we had to have mandates for vaccinations.”

“He’s getting the living hell kicked out of him by the Republican colleagues I think, but that’s what he’s doing,” Biden states. He then softens his speech to his audience and says, “So there’s hope, there’s hope.” This is where the video ends.

This comes as somewhat of a surprise, as last week the Governor made a statement on the vaccine mandates that sounded like he opposed them.

In a news release, Little said, “It is wrong for President Biden to dismiss the concerns of millions of Americans and tell governors who represent Americans that he will use his powers as president to get them out of the way. This is not leadership. When President Biden took office, he promised to do his best to unify our country, and he has only driven us further apart. President Biden is out of touch, and his mandates only add to the divisiveness within our country.”

With the Governor and his office yet to make a remark about the video circulating on the internet and with Biden claiming contrary to the Governor’s previous public statement; Ed Humphreys has made his own ad out of the video which can be seen below.

Many Idahoans oppose the vaccine mandate. Without the Governor’s office making a comment on the video, it appears Biden’s claims just may be true. Little has a nickname of ‘chicken Little’ as many see him as weak and unable to stand up to the Federal Government.

Little is up for reelection next year and he has some strong competition. Currently, Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin, Ed Humphreys, Ammon Bundy, and many others are running to unseat Little.  For some that can’t come soon enough. Last year Idahoans attempted to recall the Governor unsuccessfully however next year Idaho will see how much favorability Little really retains.

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