VIDEO: Spirit Airlines Threatens to Call Police on Baby for Eating Without Mask On and Tells Family to Get Off Plane

UPDATE: reports:

“UPDATE – @SpiritAirlines let everyone back onto the plane except for the abusive flight attendant responsible for the disembarkment of the whole plane.”

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In a shocking video posted by Yossie Gestetner on Twitter, a family appears to have been treated horrendously by Spirit Airlines. Although it’s hard to get the full context of the situation below, other passengers appear to be defending the family after the flight attendant tells them they have to get off of the plane.

Gestetner reported:

“VIDEO: @SpiritAirlines staffer tells pregnant Mom that her young child needs to put on a mask despite eating or else police will be called. NOTE that the video shows the early moments of this incident, so @SpiritAirlines can’t pull here a he/she said.”

One Twitter user was disgusted by seeing this family and baby treated this way:

“It just sounds like a mess to fly planes right now. Honestly the staff have some perverted power trip which is not surprising especially since tneu (sic) went right for a kid. Weird.”

Breaking 911 also reported on it and appears to have some different footage:

“WATCH THIS: A family was just kicked off a @SpiritAirlines flight from Orlando to NY, because their two-year-old child who was eating, wasn’t wearing a mask. The mother is 7 months pregnant, and they have a special needs child. The entire flight was deplaned.”

Although we here at Media Right News will follow up if Spirit gives there side of the story an we definitely take Covid-19 seriously, this appears outrageous to us. We need to treat people like humans and use common sense more often. Big companies think they can do anything they want and there needs to be accountability.

Stay tuned for more potential updates.