Trump Continues Church Tradition by Honoring Jesus on Easter at Big Church Service in Florida

Easter Sunday, former President Trump and his wife/former First Lady Melania went to an Easter church service at Christ Fellowship Church in Palm Beach Gardens where he was greeted with a heartwarming welcome with his unexpected appearance.

“Look who showed up for Easter Sunday services at Christ Fellowship in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida…45.”

Per usual, the former president was greeted with a warm welcome as Pastor Todd Mullins, introduced him saying, “It’s also our privilege, my privilege today to welcome the President and, Mrs. Trump, too.” Following this, the congregators gave him and his wife Melania a heartfelt welcome.

Instead of relaxing on Easter Sunday in his luxurious home of Mar-A-Lago, he decided to go to church and worship Christ.

Former President Trump has become more religious as we previously reported, “Earlier this afternoon President Trump released a video on Twitter that included both him and Melania Trump praising Jesus and wishing this country a Merry Christmas. Below you can see the heartwarming message from them both.

The president gave praise to Jesus saying, “During the sacred season, Christians celebrate the greatest miracle in human history. More than 2,000 years ago God sent his only begotten Son to be with us. An angel announced the birth of our Lord and savior, to humble Shepards.”

The former president also attended a church service in Nevada during the fall of 2020 when he gave his own money to the church. Like his Easter church attendance, he made no previous announcement of this and didn’t seem to have any ill agenda for attending the service.

Florida loves Donald Trump as they voiced in the 2020 election, and likewise, the former president loves them as well as Jesus.

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